Do Something That Scares You

Do ONE thing that scares you today! I WAS sooo nervous to do this post, I forgot lip gloss and didn’t even clean my room. But! The point is not to be perfect, but to JUMP IN because really, you’re NEVER ‘ready.’

Respond to this post with what you did today! Let’s make this contagious!

15 thoughts on “Do Something That Scares You

  1. Perfect! Great job. The first time in front of the camera and then posting that video to your blog – big time scary. Next one is easier, I promise. I’m a fellow BSchooler. I haven’t done anything that scares me yet today, but the day is early. :)

  2. How awesome that you found the courage to post your first video. I am so inspired!!! You have such a fantastic presence on video – I hope you make many, many more!! Thanks for the encouragement to take our own personal leaps. Your timing is perfect. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Maybe you’ll see me blogging soon too. Lots of love, Jen

    • You’d make an excellent blog: all your knowledge of children, education, homesteading, healthy herbs, growing things…that would be one beautiful fun blog! Do you have a camera?

      • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m actually playing around on wordpress so thanks again for the inspiration. I have no idea what to do but you are giving me some fun ideas. But how in the world did you finally start? How did you pick your first topic? How did you choose your title? I remember you were dreaming about it and then one day, boom, you just started. How? How? How? :) I tried to start a blog once before and got stuck with “too many ideas” and it didn’t happen (yet!). Can’t wait for your next blog post. It has been so much fun seeing you turn your vision into reality.

    • Haha!!! Well! Let P guide you!!! Maybe the first typo was a Freudian slip… :D Thank you for commenting, sweety SG!


  3. GORGEOUS! It made me cry a little that I was not able to touch you :)

    Ok so lets see…what scares me? I’ve always wanted to start blogging but I’m scared im not a good writer and would not know what to write and no one will like it. Yes this is me speaking.

    So here we go Alia…maybe its time for me to turn the table and do something about it

    Thanks for inspiring me bootiful poony

    • I think we should catch each other in a big BEAR hug when I cross the pacific and return to you! How about that? I think you should FRICKING write an entry. Today. (maybe put it on your site!!?) And who says it has to be focused on writing? Maybe you could share photos, maybe you could lead discussions. As you can see, my writing is not the centerpiece of my blog!

      Thank you for commenting my dearest friend…

  4. Way to go Goddess!!!! You are gorgeous in person but the camera really LOVES you!!! You are adorable and full of sparkle and poise…I can’t wait to follow you on your journey XOXO

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