8 thoughts on “Perfectionism = Paralysis (How to start your own blog)

  1. Way to go, goddess!!! I love the idea of “just jump in & let it take shape. you don’t have to know all of the answers right away.”
    It’s like that Goethe quote: “I learn by going where I have to go.”
    Leave the perfectionism at the door and forge ahead. It is a constant practice!!! xoxoxoxo

    • Thank you so much High Heel Queen! SO wonderful to see you here :) I am so happy that my vid bought Goethe to mind. He rocks. My favourite quote from him: ” Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” Lots of love to you on your journey! Would you like to do a guest post here one day? You can share your music genius love with us!! xoxoxxoo

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! I love that you called yourself ‘multi-passionate’ which I am totally going to steal :)
    As a chronic perfectionist, I love seeing you just dive in and GO…and your baby steps are gorgeous!!! You just belong on camera Darling, your Beauty Warmth and Caring emanate from the screen. <3

    • Thank you so much for answering my question with such warmth and wisdom!! I was so excited to hear your response. It is exactly what I needed to hear. In college and grad school, I could never write an outline for a paper, unlike my roommate who was the queen of outlines. I would get a general vision, but that was it. The only way I got the papers done was by jumping in and creating as I went along. Somehow it always worked out. But I always thought there was something wrong with me. After listening to your response, my creative process feels validated. I don’t have to have all the answers right up front, and I don’t have to pick “one topic”. I can own being multi-passionate once and for all. Jill is right, btw. You just belong on the camera!!! I felt like we were at the table having tea together. You have a gift. Thanks again!!

      • Okay Jen. Here are my FF from what you just said: “But I always thought there was something wrong with me”
        Isn’t that the truth! I SO OFTEN think I’m weird or wrong instead of just accepting my quirks and getting on with it. It’s definitely a process. AND YES to us multi-passionate multi-faceted super polymath people!!

        And! I LOVE hearing you say that you felt like you were having tea with me. That is such a wonderful thing to hear. Thank you :) :) :)

    • So great to see you. Got steered here to you blog by SG Jen. And I agree with Jill, you are BEAUTIFUL and your warmth and caring do emanate through the screen. This such a great post on just beginning and TRUSTING that it will go exactly where it is supposed to go. Looking forward to seeing more Q & A from you.

    • ooooh Jill, you always make me feel like a MILLION BUCKS! Thank you for your encouragement and your support of my baby-stepping! This perfectionism thing I’m really learning to leave at the door. MYGAWD it’s so NOT second nature. I love hearing your support and love. :) Would love to have some of your photos on my site when it grows…!

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