6 thoughts on “Give it to me baby! Okay! Okay!

  1. Hey there!

    Yes, a million times yes. I don’t have personal experience with the second part (the story), but I know that when my sister’s daughter was first born, and she (my sister) was ill (post partum depression), she would thank me for coming and thank me for coming (I lived 4 hours away), and I would shirk it off, with a no, it’s ok. And then I realized she was just left holding this thank you, with no place for it to go. So finally I started receiving them, with a “you’re welcome, I’m glad to do it, you are welcome.” I could see that it was a relief for her to know that I had heard and accepted her thanks. I am trying to do that more regularly.

    Such a pretty voice, and such a lovely message. I hope this next chapter of your life is treating you well!

  2. Oh, hey there Eileen! I feel so honoured you watched this!!! Thank you for your insight. I remember us talking about this one day. Waffle & juice day, maybe? I love the way you describe this exchange. So wonderfully written :)
    Come visit!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beauty and wise words! Over the past year or so I have been allowing myself to receive more and more, and what I am finding is that the more I am willing to receive – the more is given to me! Of course that pushes me right back up to that edge of “too much – I don’t think I can handle this much”, so it is a continual journey.

  4. Alia! Thank you so much for these thoughts. I too struggle with receiving. I can’t remember when it started, but I’m the one that annoyingly shrugs off compliments and also feels super guilty when someone gives me something (like when my mom when buy me clothes as a kid, I couldn’t be there at the register when she paid because it was overwhelmingly uncomfortable). I have to say that I started becoming aware of it mostly with my best friend – my husband, Jon. He used to compliment me all the time and would get visibly upset when I shot them down. When I started noticing this, I knew if I didn’t RECEIVE without a fight, I’d probably push him away. Since then, I’m better with him, but now it’s on to receiving from others and working on that – especially at work where I feel I want everyone else to get praise but myself. Really bizarre. I love the thoughts on accepting and letting go of the ego too. That’s something else I’ve struggled with in my fear of letting others “walk on me” or take advantage, I overcompensate for it sometimes and miss out on the experiences like the one you talked about. Those types of experiences are the ones that make me most happy and think “I never want this to end” when I’m there in the moment. Thank you again for sharing, you’re beautiful!!!!

    • Dearest Jane, I love all the shades of your receiving experiences and the blocks, too. They are all so true. Not wanting to be taken advantage, receiving from a loved one, etc. Yes yes yes! Thank you for commenting here, sweet one.

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