Being Fabulously Busy (and Biology 101)

Dearest Readers,

If any of you took Biology in high school, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of a catalyst.

Thank you Wikipedia

Thank you Wikipedia

If not, no worries! I will explain it to you!

Today, I found myself working at fantastical speeds to get many things done. And the whole way through, I was flitting happily like a butterfly sucking sweet nectar out of each thing on my to-do list.

Does that sound juicy? Watch my video to find out more :)

4 thoughts on “Being Fabulously Busy (and Biology 101)

  1. I think it is also very useful the concept of ‘breaking the inertia’. Something is very frustrating, for example, to see a empty paper, a empty report, a messy room, or a big stack of papers; however we just need a little bit of progress to feel we are getting something done and then is easier and easier to keep going.
    But I like the concept of catalyst, because it explains so many other phenomena. For example, it is very hard for me doing workout right after I woke up in the morning. However, after taking a short shower,I look myself in the mirror and that gives me the catalyst and energy to start working out. I just ‘feel’ i have to workout by only looking myself in the mirror (i am not chubby btw :) ).
    You just have to find what is your catalyst and use it! music? read something inspire you? exercise? even eat something you like….

    that’s it.

    • I’m glad looking at yourself in the mirror encourages you.
      Normally it does just the opposite for me. UNLESS, I belly dance in the mirror, or wink at myself, or wear something sparkly and translucent. Those break the inertia real fast ;)

  2. Hello! First time reader to this site! Wow, I love how you can explain a basic human characteristic and behavior by using an analogy from an analogous field of science. It’s this kind of interdisciplinary thinking that really connects people to concepts that can help their lives, as well as connecting people to each other in widely disparate fields!

    • Hello Samantha!

      Thank you for stopping by! And thank you for your words. I really appreciate that :)
      I studied interdisciplinary fields in college, so it’s nice to hear that coming from a stranger!
      How did you find me? And what field are you in? :)


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