Good Evening My Delicious Ones!

You are a divine creature with a marvelous life. But I’m sure you don’t always feel that way. So what keeps you from feeling the glow?

Sometimes we may feel stunted because of the world around us, sometimes its our ideas of where we should be at this time in our lives, and sometimes it’s just a negative belief or critical thought that’s relentless. (Ugh.)

I feel like we all have power over our thoughts, but sometimes, it feels impossible to push away the cruel words we tell ourselves. They’re so innate and built-in, how could we ever change them?

A few days ago, I was talking to my beautiful sweet friend, Veronica. She is brilliant and healing and such a beautiful soul. And she taught me something brilliant which I wanted to share with you!

If you want to get rid of something that’s not serving you, replace it with something better. (Tweet it if you wanna.)

Welcome to one of my favourite exercises in the whole world.


Ooh la la! So how does this work? There are a couple ways to experiment with it, but I’ll show you the most basic way to put it into practice today or this evening before you go to bed (which is my favourite time to do this.)

I have a magical, juicy, privileged, happy, wondrous life. I am aware of it 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time, I live in a world of my own bullshit, where I tell myself things over and over that feel sucky. So yesterday, I sat down and decided to make a list of 4 or 5 things that I tell myself that make me feel bad almost always.

Here are some examples:

1. I’m gaining weight. I’m going to get fat and miserable and hate myself.

2. My career is going nowhere, my job isn’t fulfilling




Get the dark gooey bits outta there and get it on paper.

Now, take these statements and re-write them from a totally different point of view. The point of view that thinks your life is fucking awesome. I love this quote from Cheryl Strayed:

“Whatever happens to you, belongs to you. Make it yours.”

So you take these ‘truths’ and re-write them in a way that empowers you. In a way that still feels TRUE, but looks at it from an angle of beauty, as if your life was one fucking adventure.

#1 becomes:

My beauty is a secret I weave and unravel with each passing day, that grows richer and divine, like the most exquisite wine.

#2 could be:

I have the most incredible job on the planet: I GET TO BE ME.

#3 feels like being:

My life is as interesting and miraculous as the moon and the stars.



And then you burn up the shit-list with the negative junk on it that you’ve said over and over and over until you felt brain-dead (really, burn it :)) and you have this sparkly list which you look at and repeat to yourself like a mantra, until those are the new beliefs.