FEAR/ Let it go.

I could go on for days about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing since I last wrote. 

But in short, here it is: 

Every time I’ve thought about posting, I’ve let fear win. Fear that I don’t have anything important to say. Fear that my blog isn’t good-looking enough. Fear that I’ll repeat posts. Fear that no one will read my words. 

My man has always said to me: 

“Alia, don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.” 

PERFECTION! That’s my enemy right now. Whenever I want to produce, reach out, create, apply, (add proactive verb here), my perfection monster rears its head. It tells me: if it’s not perfect, why TRY? 

If I can’t run for 30 minutes in perfect work out clothes, and look hot doing it, why TRY? 

If I can’t show up and be in a perfectly good mood with all my friends at the bar tonight, why GO? 

If I can’t make a perfectly polished, shiny, effect-filled video, why POST?

That voice has kinda been running my life lately. 

So here I am, calling it out, exposing it to the bright light of the public. 
You don’t get anywhere by thinking your way to new ways of acting. You ACT your way to new ways of thinking. 

Let this be a call to action. Just the next step. Fuck perfect. Just ACT. 

Where are you holding back because you’ve analyzed it to death and paralyzed it with your spiderweb of perfection? Share here. And then go. freaking do it. 




5 thoughts on “FEAR/ Let it go.

  1. The world is caught in my web, but maybe that is because perfectionism drives me to want the world and nothing less!

    Motivating post. Thank you.

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