Your Golden Essence

There was nothing to say.

Long stretches of silence filled the space between our awkward conversation. I was running the anger/inadequacy/sad tape in my head trying trying TRYING to avoid the discomfort of pending emotions I was feeling in the moment. But the discomfort just grew stronger and stronger, until…

Music began to play. Something sweet. I didn’t know where it was coming from, but it began to fill the room. Something in my heart softened, surrendered, and as we sat there listening to the emotion pour through the music, I began to cry. The music continued and carried me through the sadness I was so resistant to experience before. Thank goodness for his music.

After it finished, we sat in silence. Relieved. There was nothing to say. The music said it all.

This is the power of art. 

I’m all about self-development, affirmations, re-wiring your self talk, but sometimes it takes more than our logical efforts to heal. I’m talking about the things that touch us in ways that nothing else can: storybooks, beautiful pieces of music, a moving film, dancing with your girlfriends or at drum circles.

When I was in Spain, I took a class with a famous journalist who showed us the power of music in film. Without the music, the film felt like nothing. The music was the movement, the soul-stirrer. When I am sad, I crank up Adele in my car and sing along. Cinematic scores give me shivers. This one always touches me so deeply:

Have you ever seen a painting that stopped you in your tracks? Or watched a movie that expressed just what you needed to feel? Maybe it’s hearing a story of someone’s triumphs that makes you remember your Golden essence, stronger than the fires of Mordor.


From “The Hobbit” directed by Peter Jackson. JPEG

I am always so moved by such expression and I think we could spend more time doing the things that heal us in that way.

What heals you? What touches you? How do you express yourself in a way that feels truer than logic? Send it my way.



P.S. I was on a trip for the last few weeks and it was marvelous. Here’s a silly collage I made of my fave moments.


P.P.S. Are you hungry for more artistic expression in your life? I am starting a uplifting supportive group in my 50 DAYS OF CREATIVITY project. Join us! You don’t have to be an artist, singer, or whatever. The point of the 50 DAY project is to gather people like you and me to express ourselves in a private community of friends. You choose your medium: painting, music, a video, a podcast, writing, whatever! We feature your project (the thing you’ve been meaning to work on or try out) on 1 day of the 50 and share it in the private community! If you’re interested, click here and I’ll add you to the list as it unfolds.


4 thoughts on “Your Golden Essence

  1. What a thought provoking post! Thank you. As I think of all the things that have brought healing over the years – dancing, drumming, playing guitar, the sikus, hiking, painting, dirt – writing has been the most consistent and healing of them all. Writing is my life line. I write and I am immediately connected to my golden essence. No one even has to read my words. Just writing them, putting them out there, works magic. I love your idea of 50 Days of Creativity. I’d love to join if I can get over my stage fright. :) And your collage is wonderful!

    • Hello beautiful Jen! Thank you!
      I don’t think we ever get over our stage fright, but rather just feel the fear and do it anyway…(at least that’s what I hear from anyone who creates on a daily basis…what a way to live, eh!?) That’s why I’m making it a private supportive community. It would be an absolute treasure to have you… :)

  2. OMG! I LOVE that 50 creativity group idea!!! I am soooo in!!!

    What moves me: Kirtan chanting, everytime I listen to Krishna Das’s Heart as Wide as the World and sing along I feel connected and y heart opens. I’ve even cried while chanting! Its such a soothing song for my soul ^_^,

    Nature’s wide open spaces. Anytime I see The Hobbit or a LOTR movie and they show the vast greenery of a forest my heart yearns and longs for that space. There have been times while traveling I am passing a lot of trees or watching a Nature special where the beauty and harmony of a rainforest or a flower just opens me up so that I start to cry. Nature to me is untouched Art.

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