Why I (might) never apply for a job again…

Cooking at a friend's house and loving it

Cooking at a friend’s house and loving it

Today I had a job interview for a fancy corporate job. And I think I am done.

Since graduating in May 2011, I had been searching and searching for that one job to define ME, to give me what I had been looking for. To make me feel useful.

But I think I FINALLY get it.  It clicked when I got an email from “The Daily Love” which asked what Kennedy originally asked and it was something along the lines of THIS: Instead of focusing on what the world can do for you, ask yourself what YOU have to offer to the world.


I’ve been so knee-deep in trying to find job titles and positions (and a company that will give me one), that I TOTALLY forgot to think of WHAT I CAN OFFER.

So this is my attempt. Off the top of my  head, this is what I have to offer, dear world.

1. I’m a passionate actress and love it love it love it. I will perform for you and fill your heart with the emotions you didn’t know you were carrying and then I will set them FREE! (Actress?)

2. Support. I’m a good listener. And I’m really good at finding solutions. Or even better, helping YOU come up with solutions to your own challenges. (Therapist)

3. I’m an excellent cook. I LOVE crafting delightful things and even more, I like eating them. I have a fine palate and  very high standards. I love criticizing and bettering customer service and food and anything related to hospitality. (Chef? Hospitality Consultant? Restaurant owner?)

And yes, what I have to give is much more than this list. But the point is, I’m shifting my thinking people.

I’m starting to think of what I have to offer and maybe THAT’S the ground-breaking I have been waiting for.

Here’s my Q. What do YOU have to offer? You don’t have to think of them as jobs…

Leave in the comments below :)