Willpower Shmillpower

Anytime I have to rely on my “willpower,” I am most likely damned.

You see, willpower is a limited resource, and being the self-help junkie that I am, (please, some linguistically talented creature *cough* Dan Archer, come up with a new title for me), there is always something to be done, finagled into place, and added to my list to ensure a “wonderful life” or to “manifest my dreams.”

Of course though, life is life and things don’t really ever go as expected. (Thank Goodness, right?) So instead of relying on my willpower, I’ve been toying with creating a mechanism where it is impossible for me to fail.

For example, if I were a nutella addict, and I couldn’t buy a jar without diving into it and finishing it within 3 days and feeling sick later, (purely hypothetical, dear), then the best choice is to not buy it at all. Or! If you’re a compulsive e-mail checker like I am, best to take the Gmail app off your homescreen or leave your beloved celly in another room.

By putting myself in situations where I cannot, even if I tried, do that thing I have been trying so hard to stop doing, I’m a success. No willpower needed. ;)

This can also be utilized in a positive way to lovingly coerce yourself to do what you have been trying to do for ages. I’m always trying to walk more in Orlando aka car kingdom. Instead of trying to delude myself that I will log 10,000 steps into my pedometer by waking up at 6am and strolling the neighborhood, I just park my car really far from where I want to go, like, 5x a day.

Little actions such as these don’t take as much willpower or mental space, but still get the job done.

And that’s just what I need. :)

So tell me love, what are some of your lifey hacks to set yourself up for success? Share the smarts in the comments below :*